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Unusual. A “Cyclops” dog is born without a nose, with one eye and two languages

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It is not rare to see an animal that has come into the world with a peculiar appearance. However, it must be said that some malformations are totally out of the ordinary.

A little “Cyclops” puppy was born with one eye and no nose. The most surprising thing is that in addition to these anomalies, it also has two main languages.

Unusual malformations

Source: primetime zone

The birth of abnormal animals with deformities is increasingly common. However, those suffered by a recently born dog in the Philippines are breaking all records. Indeed, the dog “Cyclops” in question came into the world without a nose, with one eye and two languages.

And the most incredible is that the animal’s mother gave birth to another dog, but this one unlikely to have escaped the anomaly. Therefore, if this appearance shocked its owner, the bewilderment was overwhelming on social networks.

An unusual fact that has gone viral.


Indeed, while the dog “Cyclops” was born on February 6, 2021, its special appearance quickly went around the world. This sparked a great debate, especially on how the animal could breathe or even feed itself with such malformations. A legitimate question given his state of health!


A malformation that affected the health of the Cyclops dog

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Since it didn’t have a nose and had two languages, the dog had difficulty feeding. So he couldn’t drink breast milk. From then on, the owner decided to feed him formula for puppies.

In this sense, he used a dropper to facilitate feeding the dog. Likewise, he took him to the vet to believe that he could survive despite his condition, which was unfortunately not the case.

Suffering from breathing difficulties, the dog eventually died.
Ultimately, the dog couldn’t live more than a day. He died the day after his birth due to breathing difficulties.

Is the dog suffering from cyclopia?

Source: metrouk

According to the veterinarian, it is highly likely that the abnormal dog’s mother ate toxins during her more or less unusual pregnancy. Which indeed led to malformations in the puppy.

However, the dog owner without a nose has confided that the dog’s mother has gone through menopause. Therefore, it is also possible that the origins of this malformation are genetic. By the way, the dog without a nose may also have suffered from a relatively rare condition like cyclopia.

Kept in a box as a souvenir.

For his part, the owner did not want to bury the puppy in the garden but decided otherwise. He decided to keep it in a glass container to remember its peculiarities.

The story of this infamous puppy has caused a stir on social media. And for a good reason! To be born innocently with such deformities should not be easy for an animal.


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