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South China Sea … Tensions are rising between Washington and Beijing

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On Friday, the United States of America warned China against using force in the waters of the South China Sea.

Washington reiterated its view that the determined campaign led by China in the disputed waters is illegal.

The US State Department expressed its “concern” about new legislation passed by China that allows its Coast Guard forces to use weapons against foreign ships that enter its waters illegally.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the text “strongly indicates that this law can be used to terrorize countries near the sea of ​​the People’s Republic of China.”

“We remind the People’s Republic of China and all its forces operating in the South China Sea that the responsible maritime forces act professionally and (adopt) restraint in exercising their powers,” he added at a press conference.

“We are also concerned that China may resort to this new law to confirm its illegal maritime claims in the South China Sea,” he added.

Price noted that President Joe Biden’s administration had re-emphasized a statement issued in July by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that considered China’s claims of sovereignty over most of the waters of the South China Sea to be “absolutely illegal.”

New Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken previously expressed his concerns about Chinese maritime law during a telephone conversation with his Japanese counterpart, Toshimitsu Motegi.

Blinken emphasized at the time that the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, also claimed by Beijing and called the Diaoyu, were subject to a security treaty that binds the United States and Japan to defend each other.

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