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“I am uncomfortable in my skin”: laments a young woman victim of taunts.

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Rejected and insulted because of the color of her skin, the young woman is fed up.

As identified on Facebook, Mariam Besty Sule revealed that the company had made her so aware and uncomfortable with her dark skin.

She also revealed that she always retouches her photos to appear lighter before posting them on her pages due to her skin color.

Mariam claims to have lost several job opportunities due to her complexion, and some people still joke that she is “too black.” ”

“I am very uncomfortable in my skin; I edit my photos to appear more transparent because of how society makes me feel.

I’ve been called different names a lot as a joke, but I noticed it touched me… the ridiculous jokes like “chalkboard,” “you’re too black,” or “I can’t give birth to a child black. ”

I lost job opportunities because of the color of my skin, and I was insulted. Stop saying hurtful things to black women under the guise of a joke. Black is beautiful, and I have learned to love it, and you must respect it. Black is gorgeous and deserves to be in all shows! ”

Photo credit: yabaleftonline

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