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A senior Israeli security official fears “the demise of Israel.”

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a former senior Israeli security official said, “Israel will not remain for the next generation,” explaining the reasons for that, according to his estimation, and expressing his fear of disappearing “for internal reasons and influences.”


This former Israeli official added that “most of the economic and military burden in Israel will soon be borne by only 30% of the Israelis, and in this way, the Israeli society will not be spared from the problems that await it.”

Yuval Diskin, the former head of the Shin Bet security service, confirmed in his article in the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” that there is a “strategic existential question that has made clear the extent of its seriousness. Does Israel enjoy social cohesion, economic flexibility, military, and security strength that will ensure its existence the next generation?”.

Diskin added, “I am talking about demographic, social and economic trends that are already changing the essence of Israel, and can endanger its existence within one generation, as the division between Israelis deepens, and the division between right and left has become dominant much more than the dispute between Jews and Arabs, and the lack of trust. Regimes of government are increasing, corruption is spreading in the government, and social solidarity is weak. ”

He pointed out that “the regional power called Israel is unable to control many areas,” explaining that “according to the figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics, we will soon discover that after 40 years, half of the population of Israel will be religious and Palestinian, and it is important to understand the common denominator between them today.” And why will their future shape Israel’s image and affect its ability to exist within 30 to 40 years?

He explained that “the Haredi Jews have become a burden, and that some of them are spreading in the anti-Zionist trends, and for them, Israel is on its way to a loss.”

Diskin stated, “In addition to the Haredim, there are multi-identity tribes, traditional secularism, religious nationalism, fanaticism, Mizrahim and Ashkenazim, the middle class, the wealthy, the dispossessed and the marginalized, who find it difficult to bear the increased burden as a result of the non-participation of the Orthodox in the Israeli economy, society, military service, and the economy.”.

Source: “Yediot Aharonot

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