A model launches a perfume made with her sweat to “boost women’s libido”

Perfumes are made with unusual materials; we see them every day. However, an Instagram model decided to innovate further, creating a fragrance whose base will be her own sweat.
Eh yes! You do not dream. And the finality of the creation of this fragrance, although atypical, remains no less puzzling. Indeed, it should allow, according to the model, to boost the libido of women.

Source: dailystar

Wanessa Moura, an Instagram model, plans to launch a perfume made with her own sweat. An unusual product that nevertheless seems to hold the Brazilian photo model to heart.

Indeed, according to her, many women lack libido. And the means to remedy this situation are not running the streets. Thus, a perfume in his image should answer the latter’s prayers so that they have full confidence in themselves.

A fragrance filled with “charisma.”

As she points out, the fragrance is inspired by her strong personality and charisma with secretions from her body, such as sweat. Until then, one might think that it is about a far-fetched project, come from a simple whim. But far from it!

The pandemic, a source of inspiration for Wanessa Moura

Source: dailystar

To know how the woman had the “brilliant” idea of ​​creating a perfume with her sweat, you have to go back to confinement. Indeed, during this period, Wanessa began to think about how to invest her money to make it grow.

Thus, having always wanted to launch her own brand, the ideal product to start her business was the model found in this perfume. Likewise, she said that she has long wanted to use her sex pheromones as a different way to gain new fans. Eh yes! You read correctly!

A fragrance made with sweat to boost women’s libido

Therefore, this perfume made with its own sweat should boost the libido of women and restore the blonde’s image, something to which she attaches a lot of importance. A little too much anyway, it seems!

A model addicted to surgery.

Source: dailymail

Indeed, the young woman had made the headlines in August, after spending a fortune to have a perfect nose, a part of her body that she has always been complexed with, she confessed.

In total, Wanessa Moura underwent several cosmetic surgeries for a sum of £ 15,000; and to have the nose of actress Penelope Cruz. And she does not intend to stop there!

Everything to be the lookalike of Penelope Cruz

“I have been told that I look like Penelope, and I am very proud of it. Her nose is perfect, so I won’t rest until I have the same one as hers, ”she said.

It is undeniable that Wanessa seems very serious about putting on sale a perfume made with her sweat. Also, the model announced that the release date of the product is scheduled for March. It remains to be seen who would like to wear a sweat other than his own on his body.

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