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Coca-Cola is launching into paper bottles!

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These days, our lifestyles increasingly involve more plastic, and we throw an astronomical amount of it into cities, nature, and the oceans every day. Also, among all this waste, only a tiny amount is then recycled, which only aggravates the phenomenon.

If the environment has become a major subject in our societies, brands have decided to get involved more and more, particularly by organizing charity galas to support the victims of natural disasters linked to climate change or by changing their manufacturing methods and favoring renewable resources.

Because the issue of plastic is a real environmental problem, negatively impacting biodiversity as well as our health. Consumers are increasingly concerned about it, and brands are now trying to make efforts on this point, both in innovation and recycling.

Alternatives to plastic


Governments are getting more and more involved in the environmental issue: the European Union has made it one of its priorities, and the United States, accused of being poor students in this area, is now returning to the debate with the recent election of Joe Biden.

We now find more and more recyclable or biodegradable materials on supermarket shelves. Indeed, the question is so worrying that the European Union has decided to ban single-use plastic products from the summer of 2021, such as cutlery or cotton swabs. Furthermore, the law should require that each bottle marketed contain at least 30% recycled plastic by 2030!

Thanks to these political directives and consumer demand, we have seen the emergence of wooden or bamboo toothbrushes, bags made from seaweed, or reusable microfiber wipes. Now, the public has access to more and more ecological products, and brands compete in ingenuity to take center stage and be at the origin of green technological innovations.

Coca-Cola launches its first experience.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the giant Coca-Cola, often criticized for its broken promises on the environmental issue, decides to make this magnificent communication coup by launching a prototype test of paper bottles. Indeed, the company had already committed to using more recycled plastic without reaching the 25% target set for 2015.

This time the test will take place in Hungary, with their drink AdeZ. This would be a trial of 2000 bottles. And this is not new: paper containers, especially for milk or fruit juices, have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. But then, why aren’t they used more? Above all, because they are not suitable for all types of liquids! They are often not very resistant to carbonated drinks; they are an alternative of choice compared to plastic because biodegradable and easy to recycle.

Therefore, the bottles used for this test are made of rigid paper, and the challenge for the Coca-Cola industrialist will be to observe whether they will live up to the brand’s ambitions. How will this new invention perform? Will it manage to preserve the aroma and quality of the drink? Will it be strong enough? Will consumers get used to it? Answer by this summer!

The future of packaging?

This project, which could revolutionize the industry, was carried out in partnership with the Danish start-up Paboco, whose ambition is to limit waste production in the world.

Many brands have followed suit and have decided to collaborate with this company, such as the French giant L’Oréal. In reality, this paper packaging’s advantage is that it comes from renewable resources, unlike plastic.

Thus, its development would make it possible to guarantee industrialists certain independence from fossil fuels, which tend to decrease each year.

Paper also has other significant advantages, such as its flexibility and strength. And if the invention promoted by the Danish start-up managed to pass this trial period successfully, the cosmetics industry would certainly be the next to use it for its products!
In December 2020, the organization Greenpeace sounded the alarm bells concerning plastic waste.

She denounced Coca-Cola as the most polluting company globally and urged it to reduce its production of single-use bottles.

Therefore, this news is particularly welcome and shows the willingness of companies to invest in the environmental issue, particularly to meet the growing demand of consumers for ecological products.

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