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Cameroon: Two youths were arrested for poisoning residents with juices

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Yakama Abbass and Youssoupha Aboubacar are the two young Cameroonians aged 21 and 23, respectively, who were recently arrested by the police in the Messassi district in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

They were caught the hand in their alleged factory bag where they manufactured counterfeit juice of different brands (Coca Cola, Top Ananas, Top Grapefruit, …..).

These juices made in counterfeit by these two young men are undeniably harmful to health insofar as they do not meet the standards and hygiene rules recommended for manufacturing. Added to this is the lack of experimental testing necessary to determine if the juice is of good quality for consumption.

Several Internet users, mainly Cameroonians, agree that these manufacturers of counterfeit juice have been poisoning Cameroonians for several years.

They will therefore answer for their actions before the competent judicial authorities.

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