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A German scientist announces a surprise about the origin of the Corona virus

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A famous German scientist said that he is 99.9% sure that the new Coronavirus has leaked from a research laboratory in Wuhan, China.

And Dr. Roland Wiesendinger of the University of Hamburg published a 100-page paper, showing what he says is evidence of a leak of the Coronavirus from the Wuhan Virus Institute, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail.”

The German professor believes that the failure to find the animal host of the virus, safety concerns about the Wuhan laboratory, and the researchers’ participation in controversial studies confirm his point.

On the other hand, others criticize the German doctor’s research, saying it is “unscientific” and relies on press reports and videos on YouTube as sources, indicating that he is not an expert specializing in virology.

According to the newspaper, the German scientist published his research paper only 10 days after the World Health Organization mission in Wuhan investigated the origCoronavirus’s originientists rejected the idea of ​​a “conspiracy theory” and the possibility of the epidemic leaking from the city laboratory.

While Wiesendinger insists that the existing evidence indicates that the Coronavirus leakage from the Wuhan laboratory is the most reasonable explanation, ruling out the possibility of infection from bats to humans.

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