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73-year-old man abandons his 34-year-old wife after learning she is pregnant with triplets

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When Zawadi Mussa Ntaliligwa got married to Pili Shaban about 16 years ago, she never imagined that such a day would come.

Her life has changed since her husband abandoned her with eight children and three more in the womb.

The 30-something, who lives in southern Tanzania’s highlands, was left alone after her 73-year-old husband ran away with everything in the house when he realized she was pregnant with triplets.

Mr. Pili took his things and left in May 2020 amid the coronavirus crisis. Zawadi has all the difficulties in feeding the children. She then gave birth to her triplets in January 2021.

“I gave birth to my three children in January, the first two that came out were boys, and the last, a girl, came out with a lot of difficulties. Her hands and legs were tied with the cord. I thought she was dead because she wasn’t breathing. A midwife poured cold water on her and tried to resuscitate her, but nothing happened, and we came to the conclusion that she was dead until ten minutes later she sneezes, ”Zawadi said.

Since her husband left, she and her children have lived in abject poverty, relying on donors and neighbors for food.

However, due to this family’s poor living conditions, Zawadi lost one of his triplets last week.

Explaining the reasons for her husband’s departure, she said: “I think he felt the brunt of what this new pregnancy was going to cost us. We have never had any arguments; we have lived together in peace for 16 years. He left on May 29, 2020, and took everything, including my clothes. ”

In this suffering and misery, Zawadi advises other married men to take responsibility and stay even when the going gets tough.

“I implore men to take care of their wives so that they don’t abandon them in situations as complicated as the one I find myself in now. ”



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