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Griezmann and Piqué: the reason why they insult each other in the middle of a match

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Antoine Griezmann and Gérard Pique insulted each other during the 16 matches of the Champions League between Barça and PSG.

While we had reached the 40th minute of the knockout stages of the Champions League, with an opponent of the caliber of Kylian Mbappé who had just responded with a strike for the equalizer after Barça’s opener thanks to a penalty converted by Lionel Messi, Griezmann and Pique insulted each other with the language of extreme rudeness.

Sur les causes de cette vive altercation, selon les plaintes formulées par Gérard Piqué, Griezmann n’aidait pas l’équipe à défendre et à conserver longuement le ballon avec des longues séries de passe. Le français ne s’impliquait pas suffisamment lors de ces différentes phases de jeu.

Thanks to the game behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Frenchman and his Spanish teammate’s words were audible on the lawn of Camp Nou.

“We’re fucking too tall!” It sucks! Come on, we’re p ***** too high, ” says Gerard Piqué. A remark addressed to the attackers and particularly to Antoine Griezmann. The French asked him to calm down by saying, “Quiet, calm, stop screaming.”

And Pique adds: “We suffer, and you leave us like that,” “It’s pissing, Grizzi.”

Griezmann in turn will crack and launch at Piqué “La ch **** à ta mere”.

“No, you ch **** with your mother,” Pique retorts. We’re in pain, and you’ve been leaving us like this for five minutes. ”

Subsequently, Clément Langlet intervenes to calm the French and the Spaniard.

But Pique raises after the corner. “P ***** of your mother; we run like crazy,” is still annoyed the Spanish defender.

“Me too, I run,” launches Antoine Griezmann.

Visibly in difficulty facing the speed of Kylian Mbappé, Gerard Piqué will end up being replaced at the end of the game.

As for Antoine Griezmann, he did not fail to greet the recital of his partner in the France team, author of a hat-trick, by presenting him as “a future huge star, who will be at the level of Leo (Messi) or Cristiano (Ronaldo).”

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