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Biden: Perseverance’s landing on Mars is a historic moment

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On Friday, US President Joe Biden praised the landing of the “Perseverance” probe on the surface of Mars.

Biden said in a statement published by the White House on his official website: “We congratulate NASA and all those who participated in the achievement of the historic landing of the” Perseverance “spacecraft on the surface of Mars.”

He added, “The landing of the Perseverance spacecraft on Mars proves the possibility of achieving anything with the power of science and creativity.”

On Thursday evening, the NASA Perseverance spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars. They sent the first pictures after its journey about seven months ago and covered 470 million kilometers.

Upon its landing, the spacecraft, which is the most advanced mobile laboratory in astrobiology to be launched to another world, sent its first pictures on the Red Planet’s surface.

As planned, the spacecraft landed inside a vast basin called Jizero Crater, where the bottom of a lake had long since disappeared.

The main purpose of the mission, which cost $ 2.7 billion, is to look for signs of microbial organisms that may have grown on the red planet about three billion years ago when the planet was warmer and wetter and possibly more viable on it.

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