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terrorist plot to kill Prince George with poisoned ice cream

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A British court revealed that a man facing charges of planning a terrorist attack discussed a plan to kill Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Catherine with poisoned ice cream.

The police, in possession of the accused, pending the case, confiscated a 46-centimeter-long sword, a knife, masks, and gloves to launch a terrorist attack during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The police arrested the suspect on the ninth of last July after he sent two of his brothers a letter confirming his intention to carry out a terrorist attack and blow himself up.

Today, Wednesday, the Old Bailey court heard a recording documenting a call that took place last year between him and an undercover police officer, in which the accused spoke about the details of a plan drawn up by a “brother” who was imprisoned for 28 years, to attack Prince George, who is now seven years old and is expected to take over the throne of the United Kingdom. In the future.

In this recording, the accused said that the plan was to poison ice cream in the nearest store of the “Sainsbury” network from Prince George’s residence, known for his love for this dessert.

“They will go buy ice cream, and their son will likely eat it.”

In the recording, the accused also tried to convince the undercover officer to smuggle firearms into the country from North Africa, confirming his intention to attack a Shiite preacher.

The newspaper “The Independent” indicated that this plan might belong to the extremist loyal to “ISIS” Hasnain Rashid, who was imprisoned for life in 2018 on charges of inciting militants to attack Prince George, who is the third person on the line to reach the British throne.

Source: Independent + Sky News

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