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“Muslims and Catholics worship Lucifer,” says a Ghanaian satanist

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The self-acclaimed Satanist and supporter of Lucifer, Adonai, said in an exclusive interview with the Ghbase TV website that all Catholics and Muslims worship Lucifer.

According to the Satanist, who is of Ghanaian nationality, Muslims still rely on on the sun and the moon for their prayers, which is essential for Lucifer because Lucifer is a son of God. He added that Catholics who kneel and use candles and incense are all critical to the worship of Lucifer.

Adonai went on to say that the Christian Fellowship itself is a form of idol worship and that almost everyone on earth wears the 666 marks that were mentioned in the Bible.

Watch the full interview opposite …

In 2015, a group of people belonging to a sect of Satanism in the USA unveiled a satanic statue vowing to conquer the world.

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