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A prisoner exchange deal between Syria and Israel … “2 for 1”

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On Wednesday, Syria confirmed reports of a prisoner exchange deal with Israel, mediated by Russia, revealing more details.

The official Syrian News Agency “SANA” stated that Damascus is currently working on the liberation of two Syrian citizens from the Golan Heights in exchange for an Israeli citizen who mistakenly entered Syria.

SANA wrote: “Within the framework of the Syrian state’s keenness to liberate its citizens from the detention camps of the Israeli occupation by all possible means and costs, work is underway to free Syrian citizens from the occupied Syrian Golan from the prisons of the Israeli occupation.”

And she continued, citing unnamed sources, that “the exchange process is currently taking place through Russian mediation to liberate the Syrians Nihal Al-Maqt and Diab Kahmuz, the captive of the sons of the occupied Syrian Golan.”

She stated that the liberation of Al-Maqt and Qahooz comes in exchange for “the release of an Israeli girl who entered the Syrian territories by mistake – the Quneitra region and was arrested by the Syrian competent authorities.”

The Palestinian Prisoners Club had stated earlier that the Israeli Prison Administration had informed the prisoner, Qahmuz, that he would be released, according to a deal whose details were not clear.

Israel had arrested Kahmuz in 2016, and he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

According to the prisoner’s club, negotiations between the two parties are currently going on transferring the prisoner either to Syria or to his village of Roma in the occupied Golan, where the prisoner insists that he be released to his village.

In April 2019, Damascus and Tel Aviv conducted a prisoner exchange deal with Russian mediation.

According to it, the body of the Israeli soldier, Zacharia Baumel, who was lost in the battle of “Sultan Yaqoub” in 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, was delivered in exchange for the release of Syrian prisoners.

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