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The 10 unexplained phenomena occurring in the world!

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Showers of animals worldwide, a dragon discovered in the Philippines, angels filmed in the sky in Brazil, and other surprising phenomena await you in this article!

  • Here are 10 unexplained phenomena happening around the world!

Flammable water! Strange!

Source: Youtube

In North Dakota, this man in the United States has made an incredible discovery by chance that does not bode well. When he brought his lighter closer to the running tap several times, he noticed that the water immediately caught fire!

  • A strange video.

When this unexplained and disturbing phenomenon occurs, it is best to avoid running a bath. Indeed, if the water is flammable, it is probably because of an oil leak! A product that has polluted the water distribution networks. And more particularly, methane, which is a fuel with great potential.

This kind of environmental incident is not new to North Dakota. And for a good reason, a few years ago, a broken pipeline to the flow of more than a million liters of crude oil in the northeast of the state!

The discovery of a dragon in the Philippines.


In the Philippines, what looks like a dragon’s carrion was discovered in a village south of the country. The video, which shows this fantastic find, lasts 35 seconds and is uploaded to Facebook in August 2016. As you would imagine, fascinated and gullible netizens are overwhelmingly shared.

The images are due more memorable than the appearance of the creature is not confusing! It is neither a sea animal, nor a primate, nor a feline.

The anatomy of this fanciful monster with large wings conjures up only one choice: dragons. And we love these legendary overpowered reptiles so much that we would like to believe them wholeheartedly.

  • Here is the truth!

But in reality, this stunning discovery does not reveal these creatures’ existence that emerged from the first men’s imaginations on earth.

The more prosaic truth is that this is simply a very successful dragon model drawn by a Spanish artist.

Source: hoaxorfact

And he’s destined to appear on a local TV show. This artist is called Juan Villa Herrero. But one wonders if he was surprised by the impact of his video, which delighted dragon lovers.

In an email to AFP, he expressly acknowledged that the dragon was an artistic fabrication. And we accompanied his confession with various photos, which included the stages of his conception.

This fake dragon was discovered in Davao Del Sur! It is a province in the Philippines on a continent where dragon representations in Asia are very numerous. You may not have known it, but Asian dragons are unlike their Western counterparts.

  • The Asian version is less aggressive.

    Although both embody omnipotence, Asian dragons are less aggressive, less hostile, and finer; they symbolize themselves, sovereignty, and power.

In contrast, in Europe, and particularly in Celtic and Nordic legends, dragons are evil. They have large wings, breathe fiery flames, and are the keepers of buried treasures they jealously protect.

A light beam in the sky: an unexplained phenomenon


A mysterious ray of light was seen one day in the sky over a small American town, Greenwood. The images, which are not faked, are filmed by a cyclist and have undergone an extraordinary phenomenon!

Not far from the sun, a beam of light that moves strangely behind a cloud, like a torch fire stirred by the blast of the winds.

After the publication of this sequence, some claimed to see the effects of a passing plane or a play of light. This light beam is a rare optical phenomenon, although it has been known since ancient times.

  • The strange phenomenon already has a name.

This unexplained phenomenon is called: “the parhelion,” or “the false sun.” And it is manifested by the display of two reflections of the sun, arranged horizontally on either side of it. This gives the illusion of a solar triad.

This optical phenomenon occurs when ice crystals fill the upper layers of the atmosphere, and the sun is on the horizon, in a low position.

These hexagonal-shaped ice particles have a prismatic effect when falling from clouds. All of these crystals then form a network of prisms that are designed and refract the sun.

A strange video of a ghost saving a girl’s life.

Source: Youtube

This CCTV camera filmed strange images. The scene takes place at night in the middle of a road. While crossing the road, a woman was almost run over by a car she hadn’t seen coming.

The worst was avoided only by the miraculous intervention of a man who, in a split second, springs from nowhere, grabs the woman, and carries her across the road before disappearing!

The woman, who remains motionless, is confused but unscathed. As the two stopped, drivers get out of their vehicles as if to take the time to realize what has happened.

  • On them, imagine to the height of surprise!

But what meaning to give to these images? It is difficult to explain how this heroic rescue came to be. The lifeguard’s speed is mind-blowing and raises a lot of questions!

At first glance, it isn’t easy to imagine that such a movement could be real. But it must be said, to this day, the mystery of these surreal images has never been elucidated. What do you think?

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