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Trump’s trial … Attorneys for the former president accuse Democrats of tampering with evidence

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On the fourth day of the trial of former US President Donald Trump in the Senate, the defense team charged Democrats with tampering with evidence and video clips, denouncing the “hypocrisy” of the Democratic prosecution team.

David Shawn, Trump’s lawyer, said that Trump’s speech to his supporters on the day of the storming of Congress on January 6 was a regular political speech, according to the “Hill” website.

Trump’s lawyers showed a video of about 10 minutes long of Democrat politicians using the same terminology as Trump in their speeches, such as the words “fight” and “fight the battle.”

Sean accused the Senate Democratic Prosecutor’s team of tampering with evidence, posting modified videos of earlier speeches of Donald Trump.

He explained that some of the videos shown by Democrats include Trump’s statements in 2017, and that has nothing to do with the storming of Congress.

Trump’s defense team began their arguments with the word of attorney Michael van der Vein, who confirmed that the charges aimed at Trump’s lawyer are unfair and unconstitutional, considering it “political revenge.”

Trump’s attorneys considered the Democrats’ accusations against the former US president as ridiculous.

Trump’s attorney indicated that it could not be believed that Trump’s speech was in any way an incitement to violence or a rebellion against the law.

Another attorney for Trump’s team, Bruce Castor, said he wanted to speed up the trial process so that Congress could return to its most important work of serving the American people.

During their defense, Trump’s defense team is trying to prove that the congressional intruders on January 6 acted independently and not in the implementation of the instructions of the former Republican president.

Trump’s conviction requires the approval of two-thirds of the Senate, which means the Democrats need to persuade at least 17 Republicans to vote in favor of impeachment.

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