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The Corona virus strain circulating in Britain is sweeping the world soon

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There are many strains of the Coronavirus worldwide, and Sharon Peacock, Director of the Genome Studies Complex on Covid-19 Disease in Britain, commented that the Coronavirus strain that was first discovered in the British province of Kent would likely spread around the world.

Peacock added that the fight against the Coronavirus would continue for at least 10 years, as the “Kent” strain has invaded the country and is likely to sweep the world soon, according to the BBC.

And Peacock continued that mutations of the Coronavirus can continue for ten years, and modifications of the Coronavirus can reach 4 thousand mutated strains that will spread in all countries of the world soon.

George Eustis, the British Environment Minister, confirmed that the “Kent” strain mutated from the Coronavirus is currently the most prevalent in the country, noting Corona vaccines’ success against the “Kent” and South African songs.

Eustis reported that the main challenge is dealing with the mutated Kent strain, stressing that vaccines work. However, the South African music is less contagious than the Kent strain.

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