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Strange fish with “human” teeth found in Malaysia

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A strange fish with “human” teeth has been caught in Malaysia. Posted on social media, the photos of the peculiar creature received a great response.

It is a fish with “human” teeth that is causing controversy in Malaysia. Recently caught in the sea in the Southeast Asian country, photos of the strange creature posted on Twitter quickly went viral with more than 14,000 likes.

In the pictures, we can see this extraordinary creature with its “human” teeth. Several comments appeared from all sides, each trying to prove the truth to this “strange fish.” But a local newspaper, The Rakyat Post, eventually identified him like a catapult.

Triggers are made up of about 40 species and are often brightly colored. They live in tropical and subtropical waters. Males are known to be territorial and aggressive, pouncing on intruders and even using their teeth to fight crabs and sea urchins, according to National Geographic, as quoted by Ipnoze.

“Evolution is truly a fascinating process,” reads comments on the unusual fish. “It has long been known that there are alien creatures among us. But we didn’t think they looked like that, “said another surfer, fascinated by the strange creature.

With a size of about 1 meter long, this type of fish is highly sought after in the aquarium trade.

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