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Sir Baba Vanga’s terrible predictions for Putin Trump and the world in 2021

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For this year, 2021, Baba Vanga has again made predictions. Like Nostradamus, the famous Bulgarian seer is considered an authoritative word on a future vision. She predicted a series of events, the vast majority of which happened. Among others, we have the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the attacks of September 11, those of Chernobyl, or Lady Diana’s death.

Baba Vanga began to develop this gift when she went blind at the age of 12. Since then, the teenager has felt an intuition that made her see events in the near and distant future.

Generally, Baba Vanga expresses himself through prophecies with metaphors that refer to his predictions. The clairvoyant even announced that humanity would stop in 5079.


Turning to the year 2021, Baba Vanga had a vision of the “muslin extremist invasion” in Europe that will face it. The Bulgarian seer also predicts the end of the Old Continent’s existence. Chilling predictions when you know that some of them have come true. The clairvoyant specifies that those who destroy Europe will resort to an arsenal of chemical weapons.

Baba Vanga spoke of the economic collapse of Europe and the assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin, which she says will come from Russia.

In her predictions, the Vanga clairvoyant also referred to former US President Donald Trump. She indicated that he would develop an abnormal condition that would make him deaf. Trump could also suffer a head injury.

Regarding the whole world, Baba Vanga says: “The world will suffer from many disasters and major disasters. People’s conscience will change […] People will be divided according to their beliefs.”


Baba Vanga also predicts revolutionary changes for men that transcend disasters and turmoil that will rearrange the world’s maps. In the distant future, she indicates that “life in the universe will be discovered, and suddenly everyone will know how life on Earth first appeared.”


And she expected to find a cure for cancer, and it could happen in 2021. “The day will come when chains of iron bind cancer,” she said.

It is also known that women predicted the end of world famine in 2028 and our planet’s uninhabitable nature in 2341. According to Paris Match, since Papa Vanga discovered his supernatural talents, women have achieved great success. The government employed her to be the broker of Bulgaria. The site charges six times as much for foreign visitors for its sessions, but it always attracts wealthy clients.

The suspicion remains

Many people do not believe much in Baba Vanga’s predictions because she will be illiterate or semi-literate and have never written anything herself, contrary to what Nostradamus, who left the 1555 book, says. Thus, Baba Vanga’s words are amply documented.

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