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TikTok star Dazharia committed suicide at age 18. Is the pressure the cause?

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TikTok star Dazharia Quint Noyes, better known as bxbygirldee, took her own life at 18. Shortly before her act, the young woman with millions of subscribers had left a farewell message, which her fans did not decipher until after her death.
Completely in shock, many of them can’t believe that the one they called Dee had taken her own life, especially given her videos where she always appeared cheerful and confident. Besides, rumors of his death are spreading everywhere.

A TikTok star with a future ahead of her

Source: walikali

It is often said that stars are good at looking perfect in the eyes of the world, despite their buried suffering. And the suicide of the young Dazharia Shaffer comes, unfortunately, to reinforce this idea. Indeed, the star of TikTok, who became popular on the platform, had a tragic end; she who seemed so “happy” in her publications.

Shortly before her death, the social media star posted a series of videos on Instagram. And in these, we see her singing and dancing, as usual. However, a sad truth lurked behind this cheerful facade. In one of the videos, Noyes captioned, “Ok, I know I’m boring you all, this is my last post. “

A thinly veiled farewell before Dazharia’s suicide

A message that foreshadowed the worst but that no one deciphered in time. From then on, the moment the rumors about his death began to emerge a lot of his fans screamed hoax, they couldn’t believe it. What pushed his relatives to intervene.

The death of the young woman confirmed

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Zacharia’s father appeared on his daughter’s page with a montage of the teenager’s photos; he, too, confirmed what everyone feared.

“On February 8, my daughter Dazharia left us early and was called to fly with the angels. She was my best friend, and I was not prepared to bury my child at all, ”said the grieving dad. And to add: “I only wish she had told me about her stress and her suicidal thoughts . We could work on that ”.

The suicide of Dazharia: Unfailing support for the family

Since the announcement of Dazharia’s suicide, tributes have been flowing from everywhere. Likewise, a GoFundMe page was created to finance the young woman’s funeral. The fundraiser has raised over $ 4,000 and is expected to reach the goal of $ 15,000. Besides, her father wanted to thank his daughter’s many subscribers for their support during this difficult period.

Reasons for Dazharia Shaffer’s suicide

Source: walikali

However, one question remains. Why did the Tiktok Dazharia star take his own life? The star was rumored to have come under pressure after she was apparently banned from the shadows on Tiktok, which caused the views and likes on his videos and photos to drop. However, the real reasons for his actions are, so far, unknown.

Besides being a star on social media, Dazharia was an influencer and an ambitious young businesswoman. Most recently, she started an online business by introducing her own company called Dee Beauty.

Zacharia: a rising star has died out

Managing alone her business selling beauty products, the young woman had seduced her subscribers, who had been very responsive after her company’s launch. A job that took her a lot of time, of course, but she was very proud.

Without a doubt, the sudden death of young Dazharia will leave a great void in her relatives’ lives and her subscribers. Through her desperate act, the Tiktok star joins Siya Kakkar, who also died at the age of 16, last June.



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