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New guidelines in the United States to prevent corona

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines to prevent the Coronavirus, including wearing two masks simultaneously to help limit the spread of the virus.

And the updated instructions came after a recent test conducted by the American Centers. It was found that the combination of a cloth muzzle and a surgical one can significantly reduce the spread and exposure to the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control’s new recommendations advise Americans to choose a muzzle with a metal tape at the nose area that can be adjusted to be comfortable and to use another muzzle or brace to better close their masks, according to “Russia Today.”

It is also recommended to wear a multi-layer mask to protect or place a cloth muzzle over a disposable medical cover.

The director of the CDC, Rochelle Walsky, said in a White House briefing about the Coronavirus that he does not recommend wearing two disposable masks at the same time, explaining that there is no need to put a muzzle on top of another, in case the muzzle used is of the KN95 type, which is a common alternative to masks. N95 professional used by healthcare workers and first responders.

He added, “These new scientific data released today do not change the specific recommendations about who should wear a muzzle or when it should be worn. But it provides new information about the importance of wearing an appropriate muzzle.”

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