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French-American presidential mediation to resolve the Boeing and Airbus dispute

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According to media reports, French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed to US President Joe Biden to mediate the dispute between the two global aircraft industry giants, Boeing and Airbus.

A media report published on Wednesday indicated that Macron suggested Biden to mediate a settlement of the long-running trade dispute between the US company Boeing and its European rival, Airbus.

According to what was reported by “CNBC” television, quoting an informed source, Macron raised this idea in a phone call with Biden on January 24th.

The channel stated that Biden will follow up the issue with Micron, without making a commitment on the results, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

It is noteworthy that the official statements issued by the French and American governments regarding the communication did not mention the subject of the dispute between Boeing and Airbus.

“We know that there is great interest in resolving the dispute between Boeing and Airbus on both sides of the Atlantic,” US Trade Representative office spokesman Adam Hodge told AFP, without confirming or denying the authenticity of the CNBC report.

“We look forward to working with our European allies to find a solution on equal opportunities once Ambassador (Catherine) Tye” is confirmed in her new position at the head of the office from the Senate.

It is worth noting that a dispute has been going on between the European Union and the United States since 2004 over allegations of unfair commercial practices, and the two parties accuse each other of providing support to the two private companies in violation of international trade agreements.

The two sides won lawsuits before the World Trade Organization allowing punitive duties.

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