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The Chinese “Tianwen-1” spacecraft has successfully entered Mars orbit

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The Chinese “Tianwen-1” spacecraft has successfully entered Mars orbit, more than half a year after its launch.

With this success, “Tianwen-1” will be the second vehicle after the Emirati Al-Amal probe, among 3 spacecraft that will reach the red planet this month.

The spacecraft, weighing 5 tons, aims to explore the Martian environment and search for traces of life on the planet’s surface adjacent to Earth.

The spacecraft is expected to orbit Mars for about two or three months before the risky landing attempt.

With its first landing on Mars, China seeks to catch up with the United States, which has already sent many search devices to the red planet.

The Emirati Al-Amal probe reached Mars orbit on Tuesday evening, in the first Arab and fifth global mission to the Red Planet.

The qualitative space mission with its record numbers and the completion of its project in a short period compared to other countries that have existed for decades in the space industry is a practical embodiment of the slogan “nothing is impossible” adopted by the UAE, which seeks excellence, leadership, and empowerment of national and Arab youth competencies and talents in the space sector full of opportunities…

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