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Without local infections …China reveals the developments of the Coronavirus

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Today, Tuesday, the Chinese National Health Commission announced the registration of 14 new cases of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, all of them coming from abroad.

The committee said that it had not detected any local infection with the new Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, but it had detected 14 cases coming from abroad.

On the other hand, leaked recordings revealed that senior officials from the World Health Organization criticized China for not providing information about the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the first days of the outbreak.

The Indian “WION” channel published the recordings indicating that Mike Ryan, who is responsible for the World Health Organization’s response to the Coronavirus, complained to his colleagues that China was not open to sharing its information about the virus.

In the recordings, Ryan compared the Coronavirus outbreak to the outbreak of SARS in 2003, when China was accused of concealing information that allowed the virus to spread globally, adding: “This is the same scenario.”

He continued, “We were trying relentlessly to obtain information from China.”

China faced severe international criticism because it handled the Coronavirus outbreak at the end of 2019, while former US President Donald Trump directed sharp criticism to the organization about its handling of the virus when it first appeared in China and decided to exit the organization.

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