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The 10 most embarrassing sequences filmed live

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From politicians who destroy a television studio during a more than heated debate, to the journalist who loses his pants live.
So here are the 10 most twisted and embarrassing live sequences.

The lemur attack in an intimidating video

Source: Youtube

Many people tend to think that TV reporters have easy jobs. And which present no risk, without forgetting of course the very good salaries that go with it.

But certain filmed sequences show us rather than a journalist can sometimes face much more than a gust of wind, or a sudden downpour during an outdoor report.

Such an embarrassing sequence

This BBC reporter, for example, will be literally overwhelmed by a real tidal wave… of lemurs. Indeed carrying out a report in the Banham Zoo, in Norfolk, the latter has come a little too close to the enclosure of these primates for the less mischievous.

The lemurs then threw themselves on the reporter. And they started hopping over him, biting him here and there, hanging onto his shoulders and neck.

So the poor journalist couldn’t do anything. Otherwise, let the merry band of primates indulge in their favorite game. Although the expressions on his face seem to say he would like to get out of this furry tsunami as quickly as possible.

This journalist should have tightened his belt.

Source: Youtube

Journalists on television are very familiar with the vagaries of life. And they generally know how to manage them well, experience requires. But sometimes certain situations turn out to be totally embarrassing and unmanageable. Like the one that will happen to this poor reporter from a New York television channel.

The young journalist was quietly recording his report on a campaign against fossil fuels, which was taking place in the Big Apple. But what must have been a trivial routine report for the young man quickly turned into one of his worst nightmares?

Everyone knows its taste now.

As he spoke directly to his spectators, a young onlooker came out of nowhere behind him. And he pulled her pants down until she saw her skinny legs and hilarious pink boxer shorts. Thanks to this ugly joker, the whole city of New York knows the tastes of the reporter in terms of underwear.

The least we can say by watching this embarrassing sequence is that this poor journalist should have tightened his belt a little more before doing his life.

A guest destroys the studio.

Source: Youtube

Political debates on television are usually tedious and monotonous, sometimes even causing some viewers to drowsy. But not all political discussions are boring to death. And some are even so stormy that they can outright destroy the recording studio.

The images you see in this embarrassing sequence show us an argument between two politicians invited to a live broadcast, which crescendoed until it turned into a real altercation at the interposed table.

A very angry guest

As you can see on the screen, the moderator of the debate tried to calm his guests. But the latter, well put together, finally arrived at the hands.

And if their arguments seemed to lack strength throughout the debate, their arms were strong enough. In any case, to break the large table that separated them. Moreover, without the intervention of the technical staff, the two rivals would probably have destroyed the entire studio, cameras and microphones included.

An intimidating video… absolutely far-fetched

Source: Youtube

We have often laughed at the former President of the United States’ hair, the sulfurous and peroxidized Donald Trump. Her hair, half-blonde half-orange, has dominated the debates for a very long time during the presidential elections of 2016. As well as during almost all his presidential mandate.

Donald Trump’s singular hair can indeed cause either hilarity or astonishment, but it certainly leaves no one indifferent.

Moreover, it is even said that the former president spent up to 70 thousand dollars per year for his emblematic hairstyle. Back when he was hosting “The Apprentice,” the reality show made him popular on the small screen.

A totally crazy sequence

You will see how a future President of the United States of America lets his hair stroke by the star host of a talk show.

A guest on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Trump was quietly promoting his presidential campaign when the mischievous host raised the issue of his hair.

The latter will end up asking Donald Trump to let him ruffle his hair, as we could with a young child what the future president would directly concede to him to please him. Thus leaving the host Jimmy Fallon to play with his strange mane.

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