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Suddenly, about a new drug to treat critical cases of Corona patientsS

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Dr. Abdul Hadi Mesbah, Professor of Immunology, said that the Corona strain spread in South Africa. There is a great possibility that the vaccines produced to treat Corona may not treat infections with this strain. Studies are still being conducted on it.

Misbah added, during a phone call to the “Honorable Citizen” program broadcast on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel, that the company producing the vaccine Fayez and the “Biontech” company are making new adjustments to their vaccines to keep pace with the spread of the new Corona strain in South Africa.

Misbah explained that he does not expect herd immunity to occur with the Coronavirus before next winter and said, “I do not agree with the Kremlin’s expectation of life returning to normal before the middle of next summer.”

He revealed new drugs for treating the Coronavirus, the production of which is proceeding well, including a drug belonging to the University of “Western” or the drug of 100, and this drug is very effective in treating critical cases.

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