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Bitcoin surpasses $ 41,000 after Tesla announced a massive investment

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The digital currency “Bitcoin” achieved new records in today’s trading, Monday, after the famous “Tesla” company for electric cars announced in a disclosure to the Stock Exchange today that it invested $ 1.5 billion in it during last January.

The price of Bitcoin jumped about 7%, after Tesla disclosed to $ 41,200, amid expectations of more rises for the known digital currency.

Tesla said it may “acquire and hold digital assets from time to time or for the long term.”

Tesla’s move was not the first, as famous American universities poured part of their billions of dollars into the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Last month, the American “Bloomberg” agency quoted sources it described as well-informed and a report issued by the “CoinDisk” website, which specializes in cryptocurrency news, that the universities of Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Michigan have pumped part of their endowment money into currency exchanges.

According to CoinDisk, a year ago, these universities began allocating part of the donations they received to invest in digital currencies.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, rose four times in 2020, and made more gains with the beginning of this year, 2021, when it reached the level of 42 thousand dollars on January 8, before retreating to $ 32K, then rose again.

So far, cryptocurrencies are not subject to control by governments, central banks or financial markets, as is the case for stock and bond markets, or even unregistered hedging tools and future options, but they are managed by brokerage firms and well-known banks that are responsible to the financial procedures authorities in the countries of the world.

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