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Nadal defends Messi … and describes the situation of Real Madrid

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The Spanish tennis star, Rafael Nadal, has revealed his opinion on the crisis of Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona being leaked.

Nadal defended Messi, calling him one of the best players in history.

Nadal said in a press statement: “Leo is one of the best players in history, and he is paid what the club was willing to pay after agreeing with him, and here matters are not subject to discussion.”

He continued: “Messi deserves all appreciation. He is not obligated to deal with the club’s financial affairs. The club’s management must act in this matter.”

Nadal, known for his love for Real Madrid, also expressed his concern about the royal team’s current situation.

He said, “The team is going through challenging times, and these are difficult times to predict how they will end. What is important is that Madrid remains as it is.”

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