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Video… Details of the first “direct phone contact” between Biden and citizens

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On Saturday, US President Joe Biden launched a mechanism for direct communication with members of the American people, beginning with contacting a woman who lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as part of his endeavor to show how close he is to his citizens.

On Friday, US presidential spokeswoman Jane Saki said that the White House would launch a new mechanism “that will enable the president to communicate directly with the American people regularly.”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had the conversation by phone from the Oval Office with Michelle, who hails from Roseville, California, and is a mother who has lost her job at a startup due to the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She had sent a letter to Biden telling him about her suffering and looking for a job.

In a video of the conversation posted online by the White House, the 78-year-old president said, “My father used to tell me that work is much more than a salary. It is your dignity, your respect, and your place in society.”

Biden seized the opportunity to promote his $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan, which his Democratic Party is preparing to adopt in Congress despite the Republican disagreement and the massive vaccination campaign he has pledged.

“We are delighted that you are focusing on this,” said Michelle, whose surname was not disclosed, adding that her parents had just registered to receive the vaccine against Covid-19.

By launching the mechanism of direct communication with the American people, Biden seeks to show his sympathy and to highlight a path that constitutes a break with the approach of his predecessor Donald Trump, who has been accused by opponents of him of not caring about the fate of millions of Americans affected by the health and economic crises.

Direct contact with citizens is supposed to become the modern version of the era of social communication that President Franklin Roosevelt used to conduct with citizens over the radio in the 1930s. He used it to draw close to his citizens.

Trump intermittently restored this tradition in pre-recorded videos that were posted on Facebook.

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