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Demonstrations of anger in Chile against “police violence”

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Hundreds of people demonstrated and burned a government building in a town in southern Chile, to express their anger, following the killing of a street artist by police.

The incident took place in “Banguibwe” after the artist refused to cooperate with a search operation carried out by two police officers.

Soon, the matter developed into an argument that ended with the shooting of one of the two elements on the artist, according to a video recording that spread widely on local stations and on social media.

“We regret the death of this young artist … I hope that justice will be served,” the mayor of Banguibwe told Radio Co-Operativa.

And people who witnessed the incident began chanting in the face of the police, and the matter developed into violent protests during which the building was torched.

On Friday, the protesters set fire to a number of other buildings and set up roadblocks on the roads around the town, before riot police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse them, according to photos reported by local media.

A video posted by local official Carlos Duran on Facebook showed several fires erupting across the town and plumes of smoke billowing.

A local police force was brought in in support of the policeman who killed the artist.

A Banguibwe police chief said in a video that the policeman used his weapon to “protect his life” as part of “legitimate self-defense”.

The Chilean government ordered the force to hand over all information related to the incident while an investigation was opened.

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