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Abuse? Influencer sparks outrage after tattooing her cat

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It is not uncommon for Internet users to be shocked by the madness of certain Instagram influencers and models’ grandeur. However, the act of Elena Ivanickaya, a Ukrainian bodybuilder and model, did not go unnoticed.
The fit girl has, improbably, tattooed her cat, thus arousing the anger of Internet users. Indeed, many consider this action to be cruelty to animals, which did not fail to annoy the photo model who was quick to defend himself.

Accused of animal abuse for tattooing her cat

Source: unilad

An Instagram model has caught netizens’ eye after getting her pet, a Sphynx named Yasha, tattooed. It all started in 2017, when proud of her achievement, the fitness enthusiast posted photos of her tattooed cat on the social network, not to identify her but for aesthetic concerns.

However, instead of the praise she expected, it was criticism the woman received from her followers. Indeed, a good number of them violently attacked Elena Ivanickaya, accusing her of cruelty to animals. And so far, the woman is still not immune to reprimands.

The pain of a tattoo

And for a good reason! Some don’t understand that the model inflicted the pain of a tattoo on her hairless cat on top of that when she herself has none. Attacks that the woman did not appreciate because she said she was very concerned about her animal’s state of health.

Tattooed cat: the woman defends herself after criticism

Source: dailymail

In her defense, the influencer who had her cat tattooed said that it had in no way suffered during the operation. As she points out, “the needle only penetrated her cat’s skin one to two millimeters.”

Likewise, she ensures that a veterinarian was present to ensure the smooth running of the operation. “I checked with the vet before getting her tattooed, and they were okay, and a vet was present while they did the tattoo, so everything was under control,” she says. And to add: “He feels excellent. He was not castrated and he never will be; that would be real cruelty ”.

An operation under control

Moreover, with all these provisions, the cat showed no sign of suffering; the animal even returned to the normal course of its life and its routine the moment the operation ended, according to the Ukrainian.

Tattooing your pet to get more followers?

Source: oddycentral

However, Elena’s explanations were not unanimous. Many believe the photo model did all of this out of sheer selfishness and to get more followers.

“I don’t understand how you can do something like that to your cat when you don’t even have a tattoo. Did you think that would give you more followers? You are a hypocrite; you deserve to have your cat taken from you, ”commented one indignant person.

The tattooed cat has its own social media account.

However, the woman ignored all of these accusations, brushing aside criticism from her detractors. She continued to post the photos of the tattooed cat as if nothing had happened. Moreover! Elena created an Instagram account for the feline, which has amassed over 5,000 followers.

Il est clair que la maltraitance des animaux peut prendre plusieurs formes. Néanmoins, le fait d’avoir tatoué son chat constitue-t-il un acte de cruauté en soi ? Ce qui est sûr est que Elena a pris cher en faisant cela.

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