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Unbelievable! A boiling river discovered in the Amazon

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In this article, we will talk about a rather interesting subject; it is obvious that some of you have already heard of the subject in question.

In this case, it is a real pleasure for us to bring you more information regarding this subject. You see, the Boiling River is one of the hottest rivers in the world and is found in the Amazon rainforest. The temperature is not really above the boiling point,

but it suffices to boil an egg and kill any animal that falls into it. Falling into this river can be really dangerous and can even result in death or severe burns to humans. The river water is so hot that you can make instant tea using the water.

It is so hot that it can even be used to boil an egg. The boiling river was discovered and shown to the outside world by Andrès Ruzo.














He first heard the boiling river story when he was a little boy in Lima from his grandfather as part of a legend of a lost city of gold in the Amazon.

Later, while working on his doctorate in geophysics, he began to look at this detail from a scientific point of view. He then arrived in a community in the Amazon rainforest, and the community shaman took him and his team to the river.

The shaman told him that the boiling river was due to the Amazonian spirits who lived there and that many locals were afraid of the river because of the spirits. Locals believe the river is sacred and use the water for spiritual healing. They take care of it and make sure it is protected and preserved.

As far as we are concerned, it is obvious that certain things in life are quite particular, but observing and analyzing to understand the attitude or the reality of the facts amounts to showing a certain maturity.

To judge or to pronounce too quickly on the subject would be to go too fast. This river certainly originates near a volcanic source, so the volcanic lava heats and boils the water of the river in question.


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