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If Biden did

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The approval of the International Court of Justice of the United Nations to consider the compensation claims brought by the Iranian regime against the United States due to the sanctions imposed by the administration of former President Trump, an unpleasant sign, with another indication that he read carefully in his last article, Robert Ford, the former US ambassador to each From Syria and Algeria, and a researcher at the Middle East Institute in Washington, the controversial diplomat, Robert “Rob” Mali, appointed Biden’s envoy to the Iranian file.

According to Ford, Mali has his firm approach to “rehabilitating” the Iranian regime and a phased plan for that, which he previously discussed through the “International Crisis Group” center. Mali was working for a short time. His plan focuses on the Iranian military nuclear issue. It marginalizes the rest of the files … the most dangerous of the ballistic missile program and the destructive Iranian role in the Middle East.

Ford says of the approach of Mali and his colleague Sullivan, the new national security adviser: “Mali and Sullivan confirmed that discussion of other issues such as the Iranian ballistic missile program or its reckless behavior in the Middle East region (perhaps!) Will have space in later times.”

This coincides with warnings of the imminence of Iran’s possession of military nuclear capabilities, with warnings issued by French President Macron, the new US Secretary of State Blinken, and even US National Security Adviser Sullivan himself!

But will the new American president, driven by the hawks of Obamism in his administration, risk this delusive, dangerous, irritating approach to regional wars and conflicts, inevitably, ignoring all political and popular developments, against the Iranian project, from the people of Iraq and Lebanon, before the peoples of the Gulf, for example ?!

We do not know, but it seems, so far, that there are no indications that they are heading in a responsible course until today. Ambassador Ford talks about this example:

Republican Senator Tom Cotton – who will run in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, warned President Biden against appointing Mali to his new position, but President Biden ignored this warning completely.

Foreign Minister Blinken indeed spoke of “engaging” Saudi Arabia and some countries in the region in discussions with Iran if it takes place, as was emphasized by French President Macron. Still, it is this a constant fundamental condition in the new American policy, or, simply, it can be Ignore it, too, or turn it into a mere negotiating pressure card on Iran ?! Especially with the rush of Iranian President – the dove of the regime – Hassan Rouhani to reject any new partners in the planned negotiations ?!

The new US President, Joe Biden, has a real opportunity to make peace and build bridges of tranquility in a region tired of manipulation and wars if he rises to the level of the current historical moment.

Finally, I conclude with the saying of US Ambassador Robert Ford: “It is well known that all new presidents lose their influence and political momentum with time, but President Biden risks a very rapid decline in his influence and great risks to his domestic political agenda if he appears weak in the face of Iran.”

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