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a study reveals a cure for cancer that fights corona

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A new study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that treating severe Covid-19 patients with the anti-cancer drug bevacizumab; might reduce mortality, speed up the healing process, and significantly improved levels, body temperature, and inflammatory markers in patients treated with a single dose of bevacizumab.

The scientists added, “We aim to develop an effective treatment model to treat patients with severe COVID-19, and our findings also indicate that” bevacizumab “significantly helps in treatment.

Bevacizumab is a drug that has been used to treat various types of cancer since 2004, and it works by slowing the formation of new blood vessels. Many patients infected with COVID-19 experience elevated VEGF levels in addition to the symptoms associated with this sign, including excess fluid and vessels. The irregular blood supply in the lungs.

Coronavirus patients received a single, low dose of about 7.5 mg/kg of bevacizumab, which significantly improved blood oxygen levels within 24 hours, and none of the patients treated with bevacizumab died.

Other interesting findings include a decrease in fever, an increase in white blood cells, and a severe decrease in C-reactive protein levels (CRP), an inflammatory marker.

Many patients with severe COVID-19 also require significant oxygen support during long hospital stays, posing global medical supplies challenges. Our study shows that bevacizumab can help reduce the need for oxygen support.

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