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A failed plastic surgery that deforms the nose of a famous star

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Cosmetic surgery continues to cause unexpected damage to its owners. A Chinese actress had warned of plastic surgery dangers by publishing pictures of her damaged nose after a wrong operation.

According to the British BBC network, actress and singer Zhao Liu is one of the famous artists in China, where she has starred in many films and TV shows, and is one of the rising stars in East Asia, but has been out of the spotlight in recent months.

She published on the famous social networking platform (Sina Weibo), which is allowed to be used in China, her experience and explained that her absence, which lasted for months, was due to a plastic surgery accident, which caused her nose to necrosis, meaning that the tissue at her tip had died.

Gao shared the photos with her 5 million followers, sparking discussions about plastic surgery that is very popular in China, and said that a friend of hers in October introduced her to a plastic surgeon at a clinic in Guangzhou’s southern city. The actress said she decided to have the surgery on her nose because of the Suggestion that she should get a delicate nose, and she thought this would help advance her career.

She told her followers: “The operation took 4 hours … I thought that during these four hours I would become more beautiful … I did not expect these four hours to be the beginning of a nightmare.”

She explained that after the operation, she felt constant pain in her nose with tingling, and the pain lasted for a long time; However, the doctor explained to her that she would be able to return to work by December or January, then she was surprised that the skin at the tip of her nose became darker and darker, turning black like a nose. Doll, as doctors described that this part of her nose died.

She entered the hospital again for two months and lost 400,000 yuan, equivalent to 61,800 dollars, at work. The doctors were surprised to hear that it would not be possible to perform a follow-up and restoration surgery for at least a year due to the damage’s size. She must wait years before undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Several complaints have been lodged with the office about the clinic since Ms. Zhao shared her experience, and the doctor’s investigation is still underway. Plastic surgery has been popular for years in China, so much so that in 2004, the country hosted a beauty pageant, especially for those who underwent plastic surgery.

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