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Study: Corona may cause damage to an organ in the human body after recovery

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Research conducted on people who have recovered from the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” revealed that the virus affects the heart and the lungs.

According to what was reported by CNN Turk, the research said that 60% of people who contracted the virus without symptoms and who were examined in the third to fourth week of recovery after treatment suffers from myocarditis.

Ozlem Essen, a specialist cardiologist who participated in the research, said: “There are young patients who have entered us with inflammation of the heart muscles in the past 2-3 months. Even if you have mild symptoms, you should check your heart after the Coronavirus.”

The research indicated that although the coronavirus pandemic is known to cause the most damage to the body’s lungs, research shows that the virus also harms other organs.

Research conducted in Germany confirms that the most important problems caused by the virus were on the heart, and heart damage is among the causes of death in Corona cases.

This research indicated that damage to the heart might lead to death in the end, so it is impossible to predict what the Coronavirus may cause in the infected person.

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