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Wake up now … a young man goes into a coma before Corona and wakes up in 2021

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Comprehending the events of 2020, including viruses and disasters, is difficult for those who have already experienced them, so how can a sick person who fell into a coma before the start of all these events and woke up suddenly now understand them.

A young man hit by a car woke up before the first wave of the new Coronavirus outbreak and did not know about the epidemic that affected the world.

“Joseph Flavel” is a British teenager, only 19 years old, hit by a car on the 1st of March of last year while walking in Burton, in Staffordshire.

The 19-year-old spent all that time in a coma inside Leicester General Hospital, but now he has opened his eyes and started moving his limbs.

The unfortunate thing is that the young man was infected with the virus twice, once while he was in a coma and the second time immediately after he woke up, which was something that doctors could not explain to him, so it is not easy to explain what happened in a whole year within moments and to a sick person.

Despite all this, his family is happy with his progress, but they wonder how they can explain the epidemic, closures, and social distancing for it.

His aunt Sally Flavel Smith said, “At first his eyes were open, but he didn’t respond to anything, but over the past few weeks he has made amazing strides.” Joe began smiling and making gestures as he tried to raise his limbs on the doctors’ instructions.

Even more unfortunate is that before the accident, Joe enjoyed playing hockey and other sports and was an air student waiting to receive the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, but he is unable to move now.

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