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Officially, Mayuras is the first immigrant to hold the position of Secretary of Homeland Security in the United States

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On Tuesday, the US Senate approved Alejandro Mayorcas as Secretary of Homeland Security, after President-elect Joe Biden nominated him to take over the portfolio.

Thus, “Mayoras” becomes the first Latin American and the first immigrant to occupy this sensitive position, according to America’s newspaper “Politico.”

56 members of the Senate voted for Mayoras to 43 against him, the strongest vote for President Joe Biden’s nominees so far.

Mayoras is expected to begin his work immediately in dealing with the immigration file, as Joe Biden signed 3 executive orders related to the reform of the immigration process and the annulment of previous administration decisions.

The new minister was sworn in before Vice President Kamala Harris to begin his work directly.

Mayoras, a lawyer, was a Cuban American who served as deputy secretary of Homeland Security during former President Barack Obama.

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