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Here are the nine tallest people in history

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They come from Romania, Japan, America or Iran, the men you are going to see today have something “big” in them!

Get ready to meet the nine tallest people in human history!

Robert bobroczky

Source: sportsshow

the player who was born in 2000 in Arad. He is the son of the Hungarian of Romanian origin Zsigmond Bobróczkyi, himself a former 2.17m basketball player.

At eight years old, Robert was already taller than his mother. Measuring 1.88m, and at the age of 14, he reached 2.26m, overtaking his father. The growing teenager grew by about 10cm each year.

Throughout his life, Robert was the subject of medical studies, which led to the simple conclusion that his height was only a healthy genetic inheritance and not a hormonal disease.

The giant man excels at basketball.


During his basketball debut, Bobróczkyi weighed only 86 kg. But his oversized height was only 14 years old. The Romanian was already taller than any NBA player.

In 2013, he was spotted by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and the NBA. But his father, who was also his basketball coach, preferred that he sign at Stella Azzurra Roma in Italy.

Then, he landed at “SPIRE Institute” to be there, particularly LaMelo Ball’s teammate. But the giant, who was appealing by his size, was also intrigued by his thinness and difficulty running because of scoliosis.


The player tended to draw attention to his gigantic size more than his game. Despite their immense size, other giants like Tacko Fall had muscle mass and mobility to impact the pitch. Robert himself was far too thin and limited in his movements to pursue a career in basketball.

But recently, the one nicknamed “Big Bob” won over the University of Rochester in NAIA. Thus, the player who is now 2.31m has been selected to play in the team subject to gaining more weight! Even if he doesn’t need to, we hope this step is a “stepping stone” in his career!

Igor Vovkovinskiy: one of the tallest person in the world

Source: dailymail

Igor Vovkovinskiy is an American who is around 2.34m tall and the tallest man in America, by the way. Originally from Ukraine, the journalist and actor suffered from a tumor that puts pressure on his pituitary gland.

Thus causing the release of excessive amounts of growth hormone, hence its immense size. But Igor’s real problem is more precisely with his feet!

With this giant size, it is difficult for him to find shoes in his size because he still needs a size 55. To get to feel good in his sneakers, he had to undergo 16-foot operations.

This giant man doesn’t want to leave his house anymore.

And this to avoid suffering in his old shoes. His feet problems started when he was only seven years old and six feet tall.

Doctors had advised him to invest in a pair of shoes suited to his needs. And they had told him it would be much cheaper than more surgeries.

Recently, the famous brand Reebok invited him to its HQ to alleviate his problem. And he decided to make her a pair of unique shoes in the world, to offer her this invaluable comfort!

Robert Wadlow

During his lifetime, Robert Wadlow held the record for the tallest man of all time. With this 2.72 m, no one has yet managed to “hit the ankle” without a pun!

Born in 1918 in Illinois, this American died very young, at the age of 22! Of course, with such a size, the beyond doesn’t seem that far away! All kidding aside, Robert Wadlow was born at an average weight of 3.8kg. But very soon, he started to grow impressively.

Robert could no longer find shoes.

It was when the child was six months old that his mother began to wonder. At 13 kilos, he was indeed already the weight of a 2.5-year-old child. He will never stop growing and will overtake his father at the age of 8.

At ten years old, he reaches almost 2m. A unique desk is built for him at school, adapted to his size, while the young man is obliged to dress to measure.

Robert then entered college and continues to grow. This continued growth was due to thyroid dysfunction, which causes abnormally high levels and production of growth hormone.

Source: cdcr

In the street, he did not go unnoticed. And many reporters wanted an interview with the so-called giant Alton, named after his hometown. But that was nothing compared to Robert’s real problem.

The man was having a hard time finding shoes that fit him, like Igor Vovkovinskiy, but to a different extent, as his feet were 47 cm long. To give you an idea: if the foot measures 32.5 cm, it corresponds to size 50.

He was living with health problems.

Robert Wadlow, therefore, wore a 71 and had to pay more than 100 dollars! A good fortune at the time to afford a pair of shoes. So he had more than a thorn at his side!

Because of his large size, Robert Wadlow has always suffered from health problems. He was often seen walking with a cane to support this body, which tired him so much.

He died in 1940 of sepsis due to an infection caused by an ill-fitting orthopedic device. It must be said that he already had one foot in the grave for a long time!


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