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The richest man in the world leaves Twitter

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Visionary billionaire Elon Musk announced on Tuesday, February 2, that he had left Twitter for “a while.” He told this on his Twitter account, which has millions of followers.

He has 45 million subscribers, and he’s practically the richest man in the world, even though he’s battling this honorable place with Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Elon Musk unexpectedly announced that he is temporarily withdrawing from the social media network Twitter.

The South African born man who is also the founder of rocket maker SpaceX has become a right Twitter influencer. Until his departure, he had the power to promote and spread any company. He did this recently for GameStop, the videogame store chain.

Elon Musk, 49, topped Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in the Bloomberg billionaire rankings in early January 2021, capitalizing on the 2020 stock boom at his car company, Tesla. Electrician.

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