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Nipah virus .. Agricultural research demonstrates ways to control fruit bats

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The “Nipah” virus raises scientists’ fears about the outbreak of a new epidemic after its emergence in China, and so far, it has not appeared in Egypt. Fruit bats, which are present in Egypt, are a source of the virus, and in the following report, we monitor ways to combat bats if they are anywhere.

Dr. Ahmed Rizk, Professor of Harmful Animal Control at the Agricultural Research Center at the Ministry of Agriculture, in statements to “Echo of the Country,” gave steps to combat bats when found in an abandoned den.

“Rizk” added that the first step is to close all outlets of the den where bats were monitored for a period of 48 to 72 hours because they will prevent them from food and water, which contributes to their death.

He continued, “It is advised to get rid of bats at noontime because they are less active at this time, and they are gathered in the thousands in one area,” explaining that it is better in anticipation of the presence of viruses that the place is disinfected with chlorine and water before control.

He emphasized that the third step lies in burning a Sudanese beach with sulfur until the fumes that eliminate the bats rise or the materials that produce phosphine gas such as phosphocreatine and phosphide are used, taking into account the continued closure of windows.

He said that after 48 hours, they return to the place to spray insecticides because bats carry insects and parasites, and thus they are eliminated.

The professor of harmful insects in agricultural research noted the importance of re-sterilizing the place with water and chlorine. It is imperative to get rid of dead bats either by burning or by burial.

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