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Bill Gates warns: The Corona crisis will continue for a long time

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that the Coronavirus crisis that the world is experiencing will remain for a long time.

In statements to the German newspaper, Gates said, “Deutsche Zeitung,” the current difficult situation will continue for several months until the warm weather resolves, and thanks to the availability of vaccines and vaccination, it will be possible to achieve a decrease in the death rate.

In response to a question about the necessary vaccination rate to stop the epidemic, the billionaire believed that between 70 and 80% is necessary to prevent a large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in the fall of 2021, stressing the need to “do everything so that we do not find ourselves in the current situation again.”. ”

Microsoft’s founder touched on the quarantine restrictions, noting that political leaders in some countries have spoken honestly about the difficult situation, “you need to wear masks and maintain a separation distance and restrictions.”

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