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Townspeople tie mayor to a tree for a broken campaign pledge

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While for many, elections remain the best way to remove a politician, some do not seem to favor this option, as this story proves.
Indeed, the inhabitants of a city located in Mexico have decided to solve their problem in a more or less particular way. They have, against all expectations, kidnapped and tied to a tree the mayor of their city, following an unfulfilled campaign promise.

A convincing election campaign

Thus, the failure to keep his campaign promise made the inhabitants furious, the latter feeling betrayed at the same time. And for a good reason, the mayor in question had promised them during his campaign that he would move heaven and earth to do work worthy of the name; the only reason they elected him.

The politician’s lies caused his downfall.

Source: infobae

As one resident points out, “he promised us that it would be decent work for the people of Comalapa. (…). He came to see us at home with this promise, and now he does not want to comply ”.

From then on, the inhabitants forced the mayor to go to a tree, to which they tied him up. Taking humiliation to the extreme, they did not hesitate to take pictures of him, to show the whole world that he was ”  a bad civil servant. “

Images of the mayor tied to the tree have gone viral.

And it must be said that their wish was quickly realized. Indeed, the images have gone viral, causing a real craze on social networks, leaving mixed opinions on the method used.

Mayor tied to a tree by residents: differing opinions.

Source: iheartintelligence

Indeed, many approved the fact that the locals tied the mayor to a tree. These ensured that this was a lesson for the politician, to do his job properly in the future.

However, others denounced this method of punishment, deeming it exaggerated. For them, this act constitutes an obstacle to freedom and a violation of human rights. So, before tying the mayor to a tree, the locals should have spoken with him to reach an agreement.

The politician denies the facts.

However, soon after the events, Ramírez Aguilar refused to admit the facts. In one video, the mayor denied he was tied to a tree by locals. Nevertheless, the latter came out to confirm the images’ veracity and say that several were present.

It must be recognized that this city’s inhabitants have used an unorthodox method to punish their mayor. Moreover, the expression of their anger towards the politician is not likely to fall into oblivion anytime soon.

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