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Sweden’s amulet for stripping Denmark of its title of World Handball Champion

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The attention of millions of handball fans all over the world, today, Sunday evening, is directed towards the main hall of the covered hall complex at Cairo International Stadium, to follow the moment of the curtain dropping on the activities of the 27th edition of the World Handball Championships, which Egypt has hosted over the past days.

The curtain falls today on this edition’s activities through a pure Scandinavian final for the tournament, where the defending champion, the Danish team, will meet its Swedish counterpart, who has won the championship 4 previous times.

This is the second consecutive version of the final in which the final is Scandinavia. The Danish and Norwegian teams met in the final version of the last version. The Danish national team won its title when his country hosted the tournament jointly with Germany in early 2019.

But the Danish national team will compete in the final version to defend its world title, which it won for the first time in the last version.

On the other hand, the Swedish national team will hope to regain the world title that has been absent from it for more than two decades, as it was crowned by its last four titles in the tournament when it defeated its Russian counterpart in the 1999 edition, which was also hosted by Egypt.

The Swedish national team is running the World Cup’s final match for the eighth time in the history of its participation in the world championship, where it won the title 4 times in 1954, 1958, 1990 and 1999, and lost the final three times.

The Swedish national team has more than one factor that makes it optimistic about winning the current version’s title by defeating its Danish counterpart in Sunday’s match.

Among these elements that may give the Swedish national team a measure of optimism is that it achieved the title in the only previous edition hosted by Egypt in 1999 and that it achieved the title at that time by winning in the final over its Russian counterpart, who ousted the Egyptian team from the last eight, knowing that he will meet with The Danish national team that ousted the descendants of the Pharaohs from the quarter-finals in the current edition.

Interestingly, the Egyptian team ranked seventh in the 1999 World Cup, the same position it achieved in the current edition.

But the Danish national team also has what makes them more real optimistic, as the team reached the final of the current version after winning all the matches it has played over the course of its career in the tournament.

In all its three matches, the Danish national team won the first round of the tournament, then its three matches in the second round, before overthrowing the Egyptian team with great difficulty from the quarter-finals through penalty throws.

The Danish national team is one step away from defending their title and the equation for winning two consecutive titles.

During the current century, the French national team was the only team so far that succeeded in defending the championship title, winning the title in the 2009 and 2011 editions, and then in the 2015 and 2017 editions, previously for Sweden and Romania in achieving this, during the first editions of the tournament, Where the Swedish team crowned the title in the versions 1954 and 1958. The Romanian team won the versions 1961 and 1964, and the Romanian team repeated this by winning the 1970 and 1974 editions.

The Danish national team runs the final match for the fifth time, where it lost the final 3 times before crowning its first title through the last version.

On the other hand, the Swedish national team made its way to the final by winning all three matches it played in the first round, including the match against the Egyptian national team, the owner of the land, then won one match and tied in two matches in the second round, before achieving a big victory 35-23 on Qatar is in the quarter-finals.

The Swedish national team continued its march towards the final with a 32-26 victory over its French counterpart in the golden square, knowing that the French team is the record holder for the number of world title wins on the one hand, and it fought the current version as one of the strong favorites to win the title.

And now, the Swedish national team is one step away from winning the world title absent from it since winning its fourth title in 1999, knowing that it reached the final in three other versions, the last of which was in 2001 in France, during which it failed to crown.

Both the Danish and Swedish teams depend on a distinct group of players, most of whom are professionals outside the two countries.

But the Golden Square events revealed the racehorse in the two teams, where the Swedish Hampus Fan played a major role in his country’s victory over France after he scored 11 goals in the match, bringing his tally to 48 goals in 8 matches, 10 goals behind Qatari Frances Marzo, who tops the list. The tournament’s top scorer in the current version.

On the other hand, the veteran giant Mikel Hansen, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, scored 12 goals in his Danish team’s match on Friday against the Spanish national team, raising his tally to 41 goals in fourth place on the list of scorers in the tournament.

The Swedish national team also has a distinguished group of players such as Daniel Peterson, Jim Gottfriedson, the formidable winger Walter Krantz and goalkeeper Andreas Balika.

The Danish national team has a distinguished group of players such as Magnus Jensen, the young Matthias Gidsel, and goalkeeper Niklas Landen Jakobsen.

In addition to this, the two teams’ performance is characterized by high speed, blitzing, and individual skills of the players, in addition to physical strength.

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