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Stranger things filmed by surveillance camera

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From a soda thief who thinks he’s in an action movie to a young woman who feeds flamingos on a beach …
… here are 10 unusual and bizarre things that were caught on camera!

Source: Youtube

There is the “spider-man” that everyone knows, of course. But there is also … “the man-snake”! Do you want to see what it looks like?

The man was caught on surveillance cameras from a gas station, probably very late at night, as he tried to steal a few bottles of soda.

Please take a look at how he moves from one fridge to another, crawling like a snake! Here he climbs from behind one of the refrigerators, which he opens very slowly and… hop! He managed to prick a bottle and a can before escaping!

This thief is definitely an expert in the matter!

What took him to do this whole issue at “Mission Impossible” ?! Why go to so much trouble for a simple can and a small bottle of soda?

In my opinion, this man must have been very thirsty but probably had no money in his pocket to buy himself a good cold drink. But if so, he really had to believe in an action movie, or better, at Fort Boyard!

A cotton factory on fire: strange thing filmed at random

Source: Youtube

You really have to be devoid of common sense to do what this man did in a cotton mill. The latter was quietly emptying his load of small white balls in the warehouse.

Nothing abnormal for the moment you will tell me!

But, what will happen? Well, one of the bundles was tied so tight that our friend had a hard time untie the knot. However, he eventually came up with a brilliant idea! Do you know what he did?

He took a lighter out of his pocket and lit it to cut the knot of the bundle! Now, that might have been a wonderful idea if this man hadn’t forgotten that he was in a cotton warehouse, surrounded by flammable material.

Source: ze-mag

And the result of this stupidity was not long in coming! The small cotton ball he was holding in his hands quickly caught fire, and within seconds an entire load of cotton was burned down.

The fire was spreading so quickly that the workers there were panicked. Some of them tried to put out the fire by all means but to no avail.

They remained helpless in the face of the extent of the damage, watching all the little white balls that were turning black. As for our friend, well… Look at how he runs to escape the fire! […]. I hope at least he has learned the lesson!

Domino effect in China

Source: Youtube

This man may not have expected what would happen when he kicked a stone pillar that overlooked a river. Watch this unusual scene on a bridge in Linfen, a city in northern China […].

The guardrails fell one after the other like dominoes, before the dumbfounded gaze of the young man. The first seconds of shock passed; the latter preferred to go away with his friend as if nothing had happened!

One of the strange things filmed by a camera

In the meantime, the 215 pillars, linked together by metal chains, continued to fall one after the other into the river along the dike, over a distance of about 700 meters!

But, what the hell took this man to do that ?! According to some sources, the man, apparently a tourist, wanted to film himself and then post his video on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Well! We can say that his video, filmed by surveillance cameras, was successful! But, it can be seen that he did not do it in bad faith, and to prove that he had a good conscience, he even gave himself up to the police.

Here is a strange thing filmed by the camera

Source: Youtube

To be a joker, you have to have imagination. Sometimes, imagination goes beyond reason, and you wonder how some people can have the audacity to play dirty tricks, like the one you are going to see right away.

Too bizarre a video

While walking past a karaoke booth occupied by a young girl, this young man had the idea to… relieve his gas in the booth! Can you imagine that ?! See someone pop up out of nowhere to do this to you while you are focused on the lyrics to your favorite song ?!

This young man does not lack in guts! Not only did he let go of his gas, but he also kept the cabin door tightly closed, blocking the poor girl in the midst of her foul smell and forcing her to cover her nose with her hand. Disgusting!


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