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Macron: We will limit the third wave of Corona without a lockdown or a vaccine

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French President Emmanuel Macron defended his decision to postpone imposing the third lockdown in the country and told the French people that he believed in their ability to curb the Coronavirus with less severe restrictions even with the spread of the third wave and the launch of the vaccine faltering.

According to “Reuters,” as of Sunday, France will close its borders to everyone except for essential travel to and from countries outside the European Union, while people coming from within the Union will have to show a negative test. Large shopping malls will be closed, and police patrols will increase to enforce curfews from 6 pm.

But Macron did not order a new lockdown during the day, saying he wanted to see whether other measures would be enough to slow the coronavirus’s spread.

With 10% of cases attributed to the most contagious type first detected in Britain, top doctors have recommended a new lockdown. An opinion poll shows that more than three-quarters of the French believe one is now inevitable. The poll also showed a decline in public confidence in the government’s handling of the crisis.

On the other hand, Macron wrote in a tweet via Twitter: “Trust us. These hours we are living are crucial. Let’s do everything we can to slow the epidemic together.”

Health Minister Olivier Ferrand told De Dimanche newspaper that government advisers considered that the slow-than-expected spread of an infectious variant that was first discovered in Britain means that there is no risk of delaying the decision close for a week.

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