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A global health expert provides important advice to confront Corona strains

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The head of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, Mike Ryan, revealed that the way mutated strains of the Coronavirus are transmitted has not changed.

He said that there is the utmost necessity to adhere to all precautionary measures that have always been applied worldwide since the start of the pandemic, as it is considered the first line of defense against the virus and its modifications.

He explained that it is natural for viruses to change their genetic code, but that does not necessarily mean that the virus’s behavior will change, as this happens all the time among humans.

He added, “Since we have different genetic codes… That is why we look different and act differently… This does not mean that we are radically different.”

By applying this theory to the Coronavirus, according to Ryan, “these mutated strains are neither radically different from each other nor the original virus family … but they may differ in the way in which they adhere to the human cell, or in the way they reproduce successfully within the human body.”

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