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Meet the woman who has eaten sand for 63 years (photos)

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We sincerely doubt that it is a good idea to eat 2 kilos of sand per day. However, let us tell you the unusual story of Kusma Vati, a 78-year-old Indian who has been eating sand for 63 years!

Kusma Vati eat sand

This urge to eat sand started with this peasant woman since she was 15 years old. And she never stopped. The Indian woman started eating sand when she was 15 years old.


Since then, this peasant woman has been possessed by it. To justify her obsession with eating these grains, she reveals that this is the basis of her robust health. As a result, she consumes 2 kg per day to stay in shape while the other older people in her village face declining health.


The old lady, therefore, has no problem with her unusual food. For those wondering if it is safe, rest assured. Kusma Vati has no problem with her transit, not even with her stomach. His diet also gives him healthy teeth that even allow him to eat grit in addition to sand.


However, Kusma Vati worries about her grandchildren. They beg her to stop eating, even though it has been her iron health source for 63 years. And the craziest thing is that Kusma has never seen a doctor in her life…. She also explains that she sometimes cuts the sand with a little gravel. The history that it is more “crunchy,” as Cyril Lignac would say? Well, maybe, after all, Kusma has an eating disorder that causes her to eat anything …





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