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A priest from Ghana: Christians should fight for money, not for heaven.

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Most Christians believe that this world is not ours – we are just pilgrims here, and at an appointed time, Christ Jesus would return and send them to heaven where he is currently preparing for them.

Deep down in this belief, what Christians are supposed to do is live a godly life as a qualifying visa for this heavenly place because all sinners would be thrown into hell where Satan lives.

However, the famous and wealthy Ghanaian pastor, Reverend Obofour, who happens to be one of the most envied men of God in his country, has advised Christians on two essential things they should fight for.

In an already trending video, the Man of God counsels Christians on the most important thing they should strive for in their life on earth. According to him, the most important things that all Christians should be looking for is money and fame. He said the two most important things are money and fame.

“There are two things you need to get, money and fame. Don’t let any stupid person fool you that we are on earth because of Heaven, but we are here on a mission, and you must accomplish it, ”Reverend Obofuor said vehemently.

“If you don’t get your mission done, you’re a failure. Don’t tell me that living a lavish life and making life comfortable for your children and having all the good things on earth are things of the world, ”he added.

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