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A malfunction hits the websites of Iranian airports

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According to Iranian news sites, the websites of several Iranian airports were malfunctioning and out of service.

“The site of Mehrabad Airport in central Tehran has gone out of service,” the Iranian breaking news website said today, indicating that other airports’ websites scattered in several Iranian provinces have been disrupted.

The website stated, “The website of the Khomeini International Airport in Tehran was out of service,” and the airport’s website in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz was out of service.

The website for displaying all incoming and outgoing flights between Iranian cities also hit a defect that stopped it, according to the “Tehran Times” website on Telegram.

Meanwhile, Iranian airports’ websites, including the city of Mashhad, in the northeast of the country, and Isfahan, in the center of Tehran, were suspended. Government authorities did not explain the nature of this sudden stop.

And there were news reports by Iranian opposition media, which spoke of a cyber attack targeting Iranian airports.

The stop comes after Iranian media reported that sirens sounded west of the capital, Tehran.

Hamid Reza Goudarzi, a security aide to the governor of Tehran, said that sirens in some areas, west of the capital, were due to a malfunction in the alarm systems located in the Shahrak Izmayş neighborhood.

For his part, Imam Khomeini International Airport denied that a Turkish plane was in danger of crashing in Tehran and said: “The Turkish plane changed its course towards the Azerbaijani capital Baku due to bad weather conditions.”

In turn, the Public Relations Department at Khomeini International Airport said, in a statement, that “a Turkish Airlines plane was unable to land at the airport due to the weather,” adding that “the captain of the Turkish plane suddenly changed the plane’s route to the Azerbaijani capital Baku and that it will return when The atmosphere allows it. ”

The statement pointed out that “what happened with the Turkish Airlines plane happened with two planes of two Iranian airlines.”

The Director-General of Crisis Management in Tehran Province, Hamid Reza Kudarzi, also told state television, “The sound of sirens in some western Tehran areas due to water leakage into the sound system of an organization in the western part of Tehran after heavy rains.”

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